Our history

Bakery Italia was born very far away from the USA, in Sicily, exactly in a small town at the foot of the largest active volcano in Europe, the Etna.


Today that small town is called Catania.


Its name would come from the greek word Katane (“grater”), some say referring to the rough lava territory on which it rises, according to others it refers to the word Kata (“near” or “leaning”) Aitné, greek name for Etna.

Right here in Catania, just after the war, Mrs. Pasqualina Minniti opened her little “Latteria” (“milk store”), and later on after some years, thanks to the help of her husband Giuseppe, she extended the store into a Bakery, offering delicious bakery products and sweets handmade created.

Her Pizzas, Cebollinas, filled Accartociatas, sweets and cookies such as: fruit pies, Cannoli, Tiramisu and biscuits for tea, coffee and cappuccino became famous.

In the meantime, “Latteria Minniti” started to propose their products using a cheap means of transport created in Italy after the war: the great and famous Piaggio APE.

In the same period Pasqualina´s 4 children grew up and worked in the family business.

One day, a young Sicilian boy (“Picciotto”) known to everyone as “Pippo” came in “Latteria Minniti” and knows the first born of Pasqualina, the young Lucia. After several visits to the store, the two teenagers fall in love.

Soon after Pippo and Lucia get married and after a year, Massimo is born and later after only 14 months, a second child, Alessandro, is born.

The two brothers attend grandmother’s shop and soon become passionate and begin to learn from her. Pasqualina is very proud of them.

Unfortunately, after the death of Grandfather Giuseppe, their children undertake different professional careers and Pasqualina closes the store to dedicate to the family. So this beautiful story seems to have ended forever….

But the story is not over yet!

Massimo and Alessandro with the passion for the food and the experience in building and managing food trucks in Panama of Massimo and the management of franchises stores in Italy of Alessandro, they decide to open a store in the United States of America.

And the two brothers created:


"Bakery Italia, the art of Italian taste"

Neither a restaurant, nor a fast food, but a tasting experience.

And the story continues and lives on........

The grandparents Pasqualina, Giuseppe and his daughter Lucia

 Palazzolo-Minniti Family 

Lucia and Pippo marriage

The latteria (milk shop)


 Alessandro and Massimo

Grandmother Pasqualina